Filters for virtualdub

Color Mill (RGB/Levels/Saturation Balance)


I could not adjust my videos using RGB,HSV,Saturation,Levels,Brightness or Contrast filters.
And I make this filter.


Ver. 2.1


Added "Middle Point" function. It useful for recovery darkened and lightened videos.

Added "Sharp <-> Smooth" function which act as preprocess and postprocess at the same time. With two thresholds named "Dam High" and "Dam Low" and "Smooth" as preprocess and "Sharp" as postprocess it produce really "Smart Sharpen".

Filter Source


Ver. 1.09 Acceptable optimized

Filter Source


Ver. 1.08

Added REAL HSV taken from Hue/Saturation/Intensity Filter for VirtualDub (1.2) by Donald A. Graft.
I hope, sir Donald have no objection.
Added "Stick" for R-G-B - DML lines.
Fixed little bug.

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Ver. 1.07 now renamed into "Color Mill". It more funny and I like it.

Added sHSV - similar HSV. Not real HSV but I like results of its work.
Added locks for all functions.
Added "Stick"s - buttons to lock relative positions of sliders in Gamma, Levels and Saturation.

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Ver. 1.04 fixed and optimized

If You have Excel and desire to see how it function -->

Also you can see Quick tour of Balance.

Filter Source

More examples, with settings:
Levels(D= -16; M= 17; L= -2)
Dark (R= 10; G= 2; B= -8)
Middle (R= 21; G= 4; B= -5)
Light (R= 0; G= 1; B= -1)
Saturation (D= 16; M= 47; L= -3)
Keep brightness=ON; Bad source=ON


Ver. 1.03 added effect booster "Bad source"

Filter Source little example:



Ver. 1.02 added button all to zero (ALL-->0)

Filter Source


Ver. 1.01

Filter Source


Ver. 1.0

Filter Source little example

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